In this section we will place new inventory listings. Each week we will update the content of this section adding new gear and moving unsold items to the appropriate section. If interested in any of the items in this section- email us or give us a call for more information.

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New inventory information ONLY
Lyra Delos

Brand new Lyra Delos with 30 hours.

Sell: $800
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Charisma MC-1

Charisma Audio MC-1 phono cartridge with boron cantilever.
50 hours-  fresh dealers demo.

Sell: $525

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Charisma  Reference One

Charisma Audio Reference One pfono cartridge with ruby cantilever.
50 hours of play time- fresh dealer's demo.

Sell: $700
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Dynavector DV-20X

Very popular Dynavector DV-20x phono cartridge.
 This one has 10 hours on cantilever. It is NEW trade in.

Sell: $400
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Dynavector DV-XX MK II

Dynavector DV-XX MK II with 40-50 hours of play time.
Comes with all goods and boxes.

​The headshell is not part of this sale.

Sell: $850
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Grace F-9 Ruby                                 SOLD

The Grace F-9R Ruby has original ruby cantilever. It traces only 30 hours-MINT by any means.

Sell: $525
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Grace F-9L​​

The Grace F-9L has original  cantilever. It traces 250 hours-perfect under scope. Pictures coming.

Sell: $325
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